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OnYourMarc is a one stop resource for updates from Marc Kloner regarding the SNAC business for the Silent Night Air Cleaner. Silent Night is the new leading air cleaner. Proven to remove virtually ALL particles from the air you breathe-- and does it SILENTLY! For more information view silentnightaircleaner.com

Company Information

800PureAir is the sales team behind the brand new Silent Night Air Cleaner. Founded by Marc Kloner, 800PureAir has the leadership of an extraordinary entrepreneur. Marc’s career has taken him from an astronautical engineer to the head of several health care business ventures. He has served as founder and chief officer of a software company that served the needs of healthcare professionals and business owners. Marc also helped acquire an array of healthcare software firms to form Infocure, which went public on the New York Stock Exchange. This venture was eventually sold to Kodak in 2001 for $468 million!

To develop the Silent Night, Marc teamed up with inventor Stan Weinberg to create a truly revolutionary new product.

Silent Night Specs:

Dimensions: 14”H, 11”W, 5.5”D.

Weight: 6lbs.

Electricity: 39 watts

Noise rating: 0.2 Decibels (within margin of instrumentation= truly silent!)

Ozone Output: Under 50 parts per billion.

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate): 197.2. This equates to 4 air exchanges per hour within a 400 sq ft room, with virtually 100% particle reduction.

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